2.-4.11.- Yoga Workshop: The Journey of the Heart – Reclaiming Our Power

Yoga Workshop: The Journey of the Heart - Reclaiming Our Power

Shupadham Yoga by Lisa Clark & Plamen Karagyozov

 2.- 4. November, 2012

Location: Sadhana Yoga Studio, Koprska 52, Ljubljana, Slovenia

»This workshop is one of the rare opportunities to experience and learn  BMC (Body Mind Centering®)  movement principles in the field of yoga. With great joy and happiness Sadhana is hosting Lisa Clark and Plamen Karagyozov, one of the best known BMC and yoga teachers today.« Sneža Vidovič, director of Sadhana Yoga Studio, Ljubljana

About workshop:

The heart, besides nourishing every system, every tissue, and every cell in our body, has a bigger role.The practice of Shupadham Yoga has found that the heart intricately connects, not only to the physical but energetic, spiritual, philosophical and mystical practices. By devoting our mind to our heart we ascend instantly to the most revered levels of yoga & meditation – pure consciousness. In this workshop we will simply get to know our heart more intimately – where it is, what it is made of, how does it work.  By doing so, all the mental concepts become a palpable, tactile experience. In this workshop we will learn 12 simple movements – The Heart Salutation. Through it we learn the meaning of existence and what is our role in it. The subtle and the physical become one.
In the Heart Salutation we are following the structures of the heart and circulatory system. Our asanas become filled from within. In this course we will develop skills of sensitivity and inner listening, to live, practice and teach from the perspective that respects the inner space as the foundation of the outer form. The truth discovered here allows us to reclaim our hearts and live to the fullest extent of who we are.
Authors: Lisa Clark
ImageLisa has spent a life time merging enigmatic yogas with current up to date somatic experience and how the body/mind expresses itself. Lisa bridges the ancient yogic practices to the current knowledge of human body/ our body, and in accordance with the demand of today and tomorrow. Her study of the body systems and human movement led her to the awareness that yoga is not formulaic but a vast experience of moving subtlety, that we are always experiencing, integrating and evolving. Lisa goes beyond yoga on the mat, she implements and unlocks the secret of UNION, making it practical–an embodied life.
Certified teacher of Body Mind Centering®, Director of BMC and Yoga Programs in Europe , Lisa Clark co-created and taught with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen the first BMC and Yoga Programs in the USA; She is a faculty member of the BMC Somatic Movement Education Program in Brazil, SA and North Carolina, USA.
Lisa is the founder, developer, director of EmbodiYoga™230-500 hr. advanced studies in Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training. She shares her embodied knowledge in yoga studios, workshops, and trainings around the world.
Plamen Karagyozov
ImageA Graduate of the Bulgarian National Sports Academy as a teacher of physical education and a coach in water sports. He spent 12 years as a competitive swimmer in Europe. Currently Plamen is a certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body Mind Centering®. He is trained in classical massage (incorporating Bulgarian, Russian, Swedish, French, and Finnish techniques), Eastern techniques (Tui Na, Acupressure, cupping and moxibuston), Reflexology, Cranio – Sacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage by Vodder, and Watsu. Sifting thru a wide array of sport training and therapeutic modalities, he is an expert in the field of movement training and body awareness. Plamen is the founder, developer and teacher of Shupadham Yoga™. He spent many years in India where he was a direct recipient of shaktipat, this revelation unlocked the gradual unfolding of an extensive body of knowledge – Shupadham Yoga™. Plamen shares this extensive knowledge and his healing teachings with yoga students across the USA, India and Europe.
Plamen and Lisa
Plamen brought Lisa to India introducing her to the sacred ritual practices from which Shupadam Yoga™ emerged, where they began to share their insights and collaborate. Their merged practices are the foundation of the Heart Salutation and their wonderful series of workshops, The Journey of the Heart.
Friday, 2. Nov
6.00pm – 7.15pm  Introduction  (free admittance)
7.30pm – 9.00pm  Yoga Practice (price: 20,00 EUR)
Saturday, 3. Nov
9.00am – 12.00  Workshop, part 1
13.00pm – 15.00pm Workshop, part 2
(price: 80,00 EUR)
Sunday, 4. Nov
9.00am – 12.00  Workshop, part 3
13.00pm – 15.00pm Workshop, part 4
(price: 80,00 EUR)
Price for the whole workshop (3 days): 
EARLY BIRD: 150,00 EUR (until 15. October)
REGULAR: 160,00 € (16. – 30. October)

Workshop will be held in English.
For detailed information please contact us via email: info@sadhana.si