Yoga workshop with Stephen Ewashkiw

TRIKONASANALjubljana, October 25-26 @Yoga Studio Sadhana

When yoga class is fun and you spend time laughing, learning, and sharing, the other benefits – a really incredible workout, getting fit, learning about yourself, being healthy – come easily. I want to help bring the joy of the practice to my students, to help them make art with their bodies, and deepen their relationship with their heart. My classes are a fun, challenging blend of Hatha yoga, alignment, meditation, pranayama, and Tantric philosophy.

Class descriptions:

Saturday morning (2.5 hours – All Levels) – Get Up, Stand Up
Standing Poses. Standing poses are fundamental to a strong foundation in all other poses. They strengthen your entire body by establishing a firm base of support through the legs so you can be calm and centred while working through difficult poses. This class will focus on building stability in your standing poses.

Saturday afternoon (3 hours – Suitable For Intermediate & Advanced Students) – Straighten Up And Fly Right
Arm Balances and Inversions. Many students have an aversion to arm balances and inversions. This class will focus on these challenging poses in a methodical way that will help them break down these barriers and learn to fly.

Sunday morning (2.5 hours – All Levels) – From Strength To Strength
Hip Openers and Arm Balances. Yoga demands that you develop not only strength in your body but attention and awareness in your mind. Through building strength and connection in hip openers and beginning arm balances, you will find the strength within yourself for focus in your mind, your poses, and your life.614804_339117209504167_1751050564_o

Sunday afternoon (3 hours – Suitable For Intermediate & Advanced Students) – Backbending & Beyond
Backbends. Strength combined with flexibility allows us to keep our inner balance. In this class we will work through a series of backbends, focusing on building strength in your back to build stability in your backbend. Forearm Scorpion will be a ‘special guest’ asana.

Detailed program will be sent prior to workshop. Limited number of individual classes with Stephen available.


Morning practice (Saturday and Sunday): 95€
Early birds: 170€ (for payments before 30.9.2014) 
Regular price 190€ (for payments after 1.10.2014)
Individual class with Stephen: 80€ regular / 70€ Early birds, Sadhana members
Contact and bookings:   |  + 386 31 308 14
Joga Studio Sadhana, Koprska 52, Ljubljana

About Stephen Ewashkiw

stephen-ewashkiwI was a full-time teacher in Los Angeles at Urth Yoga in Silver Lake and Mission Street Yoga in South Pasadena before my wife, Jane, and I left LA in March 2013 to ride our bicycles through the world. Along the way I have been teaching yoga, meeting new people, making new friends and learning more about myself, and the world. We are in the final months of what became a 15-month bicycle trip that has taken us to 22 countries, covering more than 15,000 km.

From August 2014 I will be back to my regular workshop schedule, teaching in Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, and North America. Apart from Los Angeles, I have taught yoga in Canada, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, China, Thailand, and Malaysia.